cold getting money demo

by Bummers

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these are some exclusive ass demos of the songs that are being recorded later this month for our first official release. im very proud of the sound as a whole band, but i figure i might as well put these up here to indulge myself and because maybe it will pique some interests i dunno man i make this stuff up as i go along. these arent all the songs we're doing, these are just a couple scratch demos i have sitting around already. more will be added as they come, much like the other album and stuff.


released 10 October 2013

bummers is
conor-guitar vocals
benny-guitar vocals
justin-bass vocals



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Track Name: (pswtf) my sweatshirt
im freaking out
sinking with the ship
you hate everyone
thats how you deal with shit
pretend that i dont care
ignore an obvious truth
but now im missing out
so what the fucks the use
for you its easy as that
for me its so much more
you finally opened your eyes
before you shut that door
and what you said you meant
you called it from the start
"give it a little time
before i break your heart"

we didnt know what we had done
we didnt mean a single thing
we talked a bunch of shit
that shit meant everything
i let you borrow my shirt
i didnt want it much
now its my only excuse
to try and keep in touch

im breaking out
because you're under my skin
you got me glued to my sheets
but we can still be friends
its just a little lie
i have to tell myself
that this is all okay
it doesnt hurt like hell
i didnt care at all
HAHA no, what do you mean?
im not gonna cry
not gonna cause a scene
so here's to you and me
and what we could have done
at least we laughed a lot
cause it was "only fun"

i gotta keep it up
well i guess i dont
i think i'd better change
but i probably wont
i gotta wait it out
i got some time to kill
im gonna break too soon
weak fucking willed
Track Name: a hundred ugly matches
you said you hoped that i was well girl
if you only knew the things that bounce around my brain
you said that we should meet up after work
but i just walked back to my house looked out the window at the rain

i'm not the type to leap at opportunity
i'd rather just watch it pass me by

if i had a couple bucks i could buy some cigarettes
or some nice new clothes i'd never wear
if i had a million bucks i'd buy a new identity
burn off my fingerprints and cut off all my hair

im not the type to leap at opportunity
chances come and go or so it seems
i could walk a thousand miles in your eyes
but i'd never get as far as you'd like me to be

so i'll just turn out all the lights
cover every fucking window with a dirty black shade
sit on the floor of my living room
light a hundred ugly matches and wait another day.